Slavia pistol

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Slavia pistol

Small arms of the world:a basic manual of military small arms. Accuracy International AW Accuracy International AW Sniper 7. American Tactical Double Action Pistols. American Tactical JR Carbine. Anschutz Benjamin, Benjamin,RM, RM British Rifle Automatic Caliber.

Browning A1 Shop Manual. Browning A2 Shop Manual.

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Browning BAR 2nd Generation. Browning Citori Grand Prix Supplement. Browning Cynergy Supplement.

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Browning Hi-Power Field Service. Century Arms Centurian Muzzle Loader. Century Arms Cetme Rifle. Century Arms Muzzle Loading Rifle. Century Arms Phantom Shotgun. Century Arms Single Barrel Shotgun. Charles Daly Sharps Rifle. Charles Daly Diamond Shotguns. Charles Daly Little Sharps Rifle. Charles Daly Semi-Auto Shotguns. Cobra Patriot-9 and Patriot Colt 22 Conversion Series Colt Colteer. Colt Double Action Revolver.

Colt Drilling Sporting Rifle. Colt Frontier '62 Revolvers. Colt Light Rifle rev. Crosman Factory Service Manual. Crosman Black Fang, Black Venom. Dan Wesson General. Dan Wesson Large Frame. Dan Wesson Small Frame. Day 30X Conversion Unit for German Pistol German. German Sturmgewehr 77 German.That's one theory But no one really knows. Could have been trying to limit the power of the piston stroke by not letting it travel fully I just broke down my ZVP.

I used rust erasers and a dremel to mirror polish all surfaces. Especially the sear It is truly a nice piece now!

slavia pistol

Nice thread Nick I,v just bought one of these fine old pistols for a re-build thanks cheers Paul. I just dismantled mine now for the first time ever, and I also found a nail in the piston. Might be that they were put in there intentionally, although I have trouble imagening why? One idea is that it is a form of simple warning system to get you to change your seal. When you hear a metallic sound when firing it means that the seal is worn down What's interesting is that I've never come across anyone claiming to have put nails in one.

Buying guide for best air pistols

I've heard various theories such as yours or that the nails cause teh seal to expand, etc. But no one has ever said "yes, I put nails in it, here's why. A friend of mine just came up with another theory. It could be that someone has tried to fire a nail with it, and then the nail slid back from the barrel to the pistonchamber. At least it sounds like "guyish" thing to try to shoot nails with it. Could be one of those one in a million things that two guns made years apart should both have gotten a nail in the system this way BTW, do you have any opinion on replacing the seal with one made og machined nylon?

It's really common in old springers, whatever the reason As for making a new seal? Why not?


Can't hurt to try. Paul I have just dismantled my ZVP and found it to be covered in a thick grease can anyone tell if this is the norm, and do I need to regrease Regards Paul. Post a Comment. All content, pictures and text, at copyright Nicholas Carter and Derrick Kortvejesi respectively, and on through time until we run out of pellets.

Another Airgun Blog. A blog about tinkering with airguns. Ok, not a complete disassembly as the spring was out of the pistol when I received it. Bought cheap on Ebay, for some reason it made it past the censors. Here's a good in german page about them. I hope that is in fact the correct spring. Unscrewed the end cap and the spring guide is in two pieces, which is probably not how it's supposed to be There should be a slotted nut here.

I removed the two side screws and the trigger screw. The action. I did not lose the spring Pivot lock screw and pivot pin removed. Drifted out the trigger pin.CZUB currently has around employees. It is one of the largest Czech exporters, exporting its products to more than a hundred countries around the world. The company is among the top ten small arms manufacturers in the world and five that manufacture automatic firearms.

Its most famous products from the immediate post-war period were the Sa vz. The Sa vz. The vz. The well-known compact vz. More thanof these machine pistols in the standard. This firearm with perfect ergonomics and unique double-action trigger mechanism co-defined the category of Wonder Ninesi.

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It is a Czech company owned by Czech shareholders. This subsidiary started its activities in California, but in it relocated to Kansas City, Kansas, where it still operates. This company, originally a revolver maker founded in by a grandson of the well-known Daniel B. Wesson, with its Czech-American management soon became one of the most distinguished manufacturers of modern clones of the famous M pistol. The Czech company participated in the project by supplying modern equipment and tools and training of technical personnel.

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This enabled the Peruvian company to assemble CZ guns, provide service and sell them on the Peruvian market and then throughout Latin America. These include selected models of the successful CZ P series of pistols. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article is about the firearms branch. Czech Republic. Operating income. Net income. Categories : Firearm manufacturers of the Czech Republic Companies of Czechoslovakia Firearms manufacturers Manufacturing companies established in Hunting establishments in Czechoslovakia.

Hidden categories: Articles lacking in-text citations from August All articles lacking in-text citations Commons category link is locally defined. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Joint stock company. Pistols Rifles Sub-machine guns Shotguns Precise components for aircraft engines and automobiles.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Firearms.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Air pistols are an alternative to regular pistols for younger shooters and those wanting to improve their shooting skills.

These guns use compressed air to project a pellet rather than an explosive like true firearms. They tend to be easier to handle and quieter than regular pistols. They are also not as strictly regulated as firearms, because they are not as powerful. However, air pistols can be dangerous. They should be used with caution and parental supervision.

Air pistols are popular for target shooting. Some are low key, and shoot plastic or metal BBs. Others are rifled and designed to use a pellet. Experienced shooters may find that certain air pistols particularly those that use a pellet can be an inexpensive alternative for target practice.

Air pistols are a great tool for improving marksmanship and accuracy. Pellets, and the BBs some air pistols can fire, are very inexpensive. The guns are also quieter and easier to handle than most firearms.

When used properly, they can also be safer.

CZ Slavia 634 Rifle

Before you buy, we have put together a shopping guide to help you consider the pros, cons, main considerations and variations of air pistols.

Read through it to help understand your needs and review our information about laws and safety precautionsthen check out our top picks. There are two main considerations when you are purchasing an air pistol. The first is the power of air pistol you are purchasing. The second is the type of ammunition it can take. Those at all levels will come in styles that look very similar to real guns. The amount of power an air pistol can offer is called muzzle energy.

The manufacturer will list this information in feet per second fps under their product information. The higher the fps, the more powerful the gun. A top quality air pistol may be able to offer fps of to Mid-range quality pistols will come in between to CZ gunmakers have almost dominated the market with regard to excellent value and well-made.

This is a shame as they are good solid and dependable air rifles just like their rimfire counterparts. The Slavia is a typical break barrel single shot air rifle powered by a spring piston system with three models from the basic model to Lux with a larger stock to the Deluxe with more power and a choice of beech or polymer stock in three colour options.

Made since they have stood the test of time and for a no-nonsense accurate medium pest control or recreational air rifle for plinking, 59 years of production cannot be wrong. A break barrel design and spring piston propulsion is pretty standard, but this Slavia has a special little extra which contributes to its good accuracy. Underneath the barrel just in front of the barrel block is a sliding lever that is actually a barrel locking mechanism. When pulled forward it unlocks the barrel so you can cock it, and when the action is closed it ensures a positive barrel to receiver union.

There is a stout black plastic o-ring seal also ensuring a good air-tight joint. The slender barrel is The receiver is also slim and has twin dovetail grooves cut to its top for scope mounting and both barrel and receiver are matt blued. But it does not matter, this is a rifle to shoot and hunt with, not just look at and polish. Beech is used and has that typical matt lacquered air rifle finish with no checkering, but grip is helped however by two large grooves cut into the forend.

This is quite deep as the wood drops from the receiver to the level of the trigger guard. It makes for a good hold on the Slavia. There is no cheekpiece to the butt section which is sensible as it can be used by left or right hookers. The Slavia wears a decent set of open sights and is quite fun to shoot without a scope. The foresight is all metal held to the barrel with two screws to attach it to twin dovetail rails.

pistolet hukowy Slavia UB70 - a Czech 6 mm alarm pistol Slavia UB70

There is a hooded post element with enough space around it for good vision. The rear sight is also all metal and has a simple notched aiming groove with elevation adjusted by a thumb wheel in the main body of the sight and windage by a small grub screw to its side. The trigger is housed with a plastic trigger guard and is very slim and single stage in operation although it is adjustable for pull.

Set at 4. The safety is neat — when the Slavia is cocked a small button at the rear of the receiver pops out and the rifle is safe, just use your thumb to pop it back in when ready to shoot.

slavia pistol

Best energy figures went to the RWS Superpoints at a good So the RWS Hobbies at fps and The FTTs also shot well at 0. The Slavia struggled with the heavy pellets, as expected, as the Pest controls only managed a fps velocity for 8. Diabolo Hunters at But it is still a very well- made design that, as the tests show, delivers good accuracy and a healthy power level.

What else would you expect from CZ really?Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Slavia ZVP air pistol Join Date Dec Posts 11, Slavia ZVP air pistol I need a front and rear sight for this thing. I picked this up in a local shop.

Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod

Never heard of them before, but I could tell that it would be a lot of fun. Wonder what the muzzle velocity is Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess. Nobody ever regrets buying a Swedish Mauser.

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Join Date Dec Posts Can't help you on where to find parts, but I can tell you a little about it. I bought one new inI believe it was made in Czechoslovakia.

slavia pistol

Mine was very accurate with the. I would put a BB with a drop of 3 in 1 oil it, and it would smoke a little when shot. My son has it now, and it still works. Thank you, Ed. I had never seen one before I came across this one in a local shop. I suppose I'll probably have to find a generic front and rear sight for it. It seems to be a somewhat powerful air pistol. Either way, it was too cool to be left in some display case in a pawn shop. At least, that's what I tell myself. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Somewhere at my father's house is a Slavia air rifle. I have not seen any others either. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity. I got one of the rifles for Christmas in about It was the most accurate and most powerful air rifle in my neighborhood. I would guess MV at fps. Good luck finding the parts Earl. Sorry, no help with the sights. I do own a Slavia rifle - very accurate yet simple. Funny thing. I just picked up one of these pistols at a gun show.Two Czech 6.

I would like to acknowledge up front that the primary source for this article is the book Know your Czechoslovakian Pistolsby R. Berger--it is an invaluable reference. Since I first wrote this article in James D. Brown published his book Cold War Pistols of Czechoslovakiawhich is also a fine work.

Brown gives details about DUO variants that I do not mention in this article. The history of Czech arms manufacturing is as convoluted as that of Czech history itself. CZ has long been the abbreviation used for Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, and also has become generic nomenclature for Czech arms makers whose names are often difficult to pronounce.

The building they located in had earlier been an artillery repair shop for the Austro-Hungarians, at a time when the Czech nation, also known as Bohemia, was an Austrian province. Starting inthis factory in Brno made Gewehr 98 Mauser action rifles, and produced two early pistols. This is the factory that originated the now-famous CZ trademark, and for many years was the sole supplier of pistols to the Czech military.

This CZ factory has been regularly confused over the years with the above-mentioned Czechoslovak Zbrojovka in Brno because their initials are both CZ, but the Brno factory was primarily a rifle and machine gun facility, whereas the Strakonice factory made pistols exclusively. In a new factory was completed at Uhersky Brod further from the German border than Strakonice.

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During the communist era, from toboth Czechoslovak Zbrojovka and Ceska Zbrojovka became government controlled arms manufacturers. The Strakonice factory manufactured motorcycles and heavy equipment during this period, but resumed small arms production after the fall of the communist regime. Late in Zbrojovka Brno went bankrupt and halted production in Their assets were purchased by a Czech investment group inbut as yet they have not resumed manufacturing.

The Praha pistol model 21 was designed by Vaclav Holek and manufactured by Praga Zbrojovka in and The upper front portion of the slide was milled so that it could be pulled back by the trigger finger and, as the slide moved to the rear, the folding trigger was lowered into firing position.

This pistol was not successful commercially and probably fewer than 8, were made. The Little Tom pistols were designed by Alois Tomiska and patented in and The rights were sold to Wiener Waffenfabrik of Vienna, Austria, where the guns were made between and in quantities of approximately 17some estimates are as high as 50, Tomiska produced the Little Tom briefly in Pilsen, probably afterwith a total production run of just over The Czech made version is quite scarce.

The Little Tom was produced in both 6. The guns could be fired double action on the first shot, and single action thereafter, but required a long trigger stroke whether fired double or single action, as the trigger did not retract when the hammer was cocked. The Fox 6. The early pistol had a folding trigger like the Velodogs and no trigger guard. After the formation of the Ceska Zbrojovka company inthe Fox was redesigned to have a conventional trigger and trigger guard, and was renamed the CZ model vz which should not be confused with the vz 22 pistol made by Zbrojovka Brno in 9mm Kurz in the same time period.

The vz was the first pistol to carry the now-famous CZ trademark. The vz was produced untilwith a total production run of approximately 11, The vz 36 was a 6. It was designed by Frantisek Myska as a replacement for the vzbut shows the strong influence of Alois Tomiska as well, particularly in that it was, like the Little Tom, a double-action only design. The vz 36 was produced both with and without a small safety lever above the trigger. Total production is not known precisely, but was probably around 12, The Perla pistol was manufactured by Frantisek Dusek sometime in the period, and is quite scarce.

There is scant mention of the Perla in any book, but a reader finally sent me a photograph of one. To my eyes, the gun is nearly identical to the Walther Model 9, right down to the manual safety lever.


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